Wisconsin Vinyl Siding

Considering investing in vinyl siding for your home? Let our Wisconsin vinyl siding experts help. Vinyl exterior siding is an excellent siding solution for many homeowners because it offers so many choices and an impressive value for the price. There’s a reason vinyl siding is so popular with homeowners, and part of that reason is because homeowners are smart about how they spend their money!

Here are just a few reasons to choose vinyl siding in Wisconsin:

  • Vinyl siding is incredibly low maintenance, only requiring the occasional wash and no painting whatsoever.
  • It comes in a wide selection of color, style, design and texture choices.
  • It is quite durable, with a resistance to damage from dents, rot, rust, insects, and elemental damage (like hail).
  • Siding variations give homeowners even more choices, with the ability to choose vinyl shake and shingle sidings; board and batten siding; solid core siding (for added energy efficiency); wood-grain panels; vertical siding; dutch lap; seamless siding; and more.

A note on maintenance: Although vinyl siding is an extremely low maintenance siding solution, it does require some care. This includes occasional washing with a mild soap. Not only will this keep vinyl siding looking clean and appealing, it will also protect it from damage due to debris, mildew, mold and algae.

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