Waukesha Doors

When they need new doors, Waukesha homeowners choose JBS. Our Waukesha door installers work hard to give our customers high-quality work at fair prices.

Waukesha Doors: Types and Styles

Finding new doors for your Waukesha home can be just as difficult as finding new windows. Today’s doors don’t just come in a variety of types; they come in many different styles too.

Types of Doors

Here are just a few types of doors Waukesha homeowners can choose from:

  • Front doors
  • Security doors
  • Storm doors
  • French doors
  •  Sliding glass doors (also called glass sliders)

Customizable Replacement Doors in Waukesha

When looking for new doors, Waukesha homeowners have many types of doors to choose from. Plus, the individual parts of modern doors are customizable too. For instance, popular Waukesha door options include:

  • Hardware (style & color)
  • Colors (exterior & interior)
  • The glass panes (which can be frosted, designed or stained)
  • Grille patterns
  • Stains & finishes

Free Estimates for Waukesha Doors

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for all of our Waukesha door installation services. For the finest doors Waukesha has to offer, call us today at 262-677-2500 or fill out our contact form to submit your request online.