Glendale Roofing

When they need new roofing, Glendale homeowners choose JBS Construction because we specialize in offering affordable, high-quality Glendale roofing and roof replacement services, including repair and inspections.

Our Glendale Roofing and Roof Replacement Services

Regardless of the type, size or style of your home, we can help you find the roof that’s right for you and your budget. So, whether you want an affordable asphalt roof, a beautiful cedar one, or just a simple metal one, we can help. Plus, as professional roofers who serve Glendale and are committed to total service satisfaction, we also provide accessory roofing services, including snow guard and gutter installation.

The roofing styles, materials and types with which we work include:

  • Cedar roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Tile roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Synthetic slate roofs
  • Synthetic cedar roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Composition roofs

For most Glendale homeowners, their homes are lifelong investments that they work hard to protect and maintain. Inside and out, they’re committed to maintaining their property values and keeping their neighborhoods good looking and safe. So, when homeowners choose us to repair the damaged roofs on their homes, we know that they’re entrusting us to protect their investments too. That’s one of the reasons that we take our commitment to affordable quality so seriously.

Do You Need a Glendale Roof Inspection?

If you’re a Glendale homeowner, you shouldn’t wait until you see damage to have someone take a serious look at your roof.  In fact, getting a roof inspection before there is obvious damage could protect your roof from damage that is entirely preventable. In the long run, hiring a professional roofer to thoroughly inspect your roof can help you prevent minor roofing issues before they become major ones.

If your roof doesn’t perform the way that it used to, or if you’re seeing visible signs of roof damage (like split shingles or loose flashing), it may be time to call a professional roof inspector to schedule a roof inspection.

Free Estimates for Glendale Roofing

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for all of our Glendale roofing services, including roof repair and roof inspections. For the finest roofing Glendale has to offer, contact us today to schedule an appointment or estimate.