Germantown WI Siding Installation Company

Germantown WI Siding installation company JBS Home Exteriors, works hard to give our customers high-quality work at fair prices.

For many Germantown property owners, getting new replacement siding can be a great way to keep garage, shed and home exteriors looking good without investing in costly annual upkeep like caulking and repainting. Modern siding offers a hassle-free home exterior that is durable, can last for tens of years (if not the lifetime of a building), and can even help provide protection from environmental damage.

Other reasons to get new siding in Germantown include:

  • Siding can be virtually maintenance free.
  • Siding can provide extra insulation.
  • Siding installation can be very quick, offering an over-the-weekend exterior makeover.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to transform the look of your home’s exterior or you’re just tired of how your house looks, getting new siding can help.

Our Germantown, WI Siding Services

We have found that the siding accessories and siding types that we install are popular with Germantown homeowners primarily because they offer a number of color and style choices, reduced maintenance headaches, long lifespans, and durable materials.

Our Germantown siding services include the following styles and accessories:

  • Vinyl siding (siding & trim)
  • Engineered wood
  • Fiber cement (siding & trim)

Our Germantown, WI Siding Repair Services

Even the finest replacement siding eventually shows signs of damage. Random collision damage, fire, time and extreme weather conditions can all damage siding that otherwise performs very well. In these cases, it’s usually not necessary to invest in replacement siding for the entire structure. Instead, targeted siding repair can fix problem areas (like split and broken panels), restoring the overall good looks of the siding on your home’s exterior.

We commonly see Germantown siding replacement requests for:

  • Substrate repairs (for substrate that’s suffered water damage)
  • Panel repairs (multiple & single)
  • Rotted wood repairs (trim & moulding)

Free Estimates for Siding in Germantown, WI.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for all of our Germantown, WI siding and siding repair services. So, for the finest siding Germantown has to offer, call us today at 262-677-2500 or fill out our contact form to submit your request online.