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Milwaukee Doors: Types and Styles

Choosing new doors for your home can be just as difficult as choosing new windows. Not only do doors come in a variety of types, they come in a variety of styles.

Types of Doors

Here are just a few types of doors that homeowners can choose from:

Sliding glass doors (also called glass sliders)

Sliding glass doors are typically patio doors that serve as entry points to and from the patio. They typically have excellent energy efficiency and come in a wide range of custom shapes, grille patterns, colors and size.

French entry doors

French entry doors typically have the good energy efficiency and durability of other high-quality doors but have a traditional French door styling that gives them a distinctive look. They can come in sliding or hinged styles, and are usually available in a number of finishes and colors.

Front entry doors

Front entry residential doors come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials and other customizable options. From the wood stain to the glass pane, entry doors can be customized to fit the look of any home.

Security doors

A type of storm door, heavy duty steel security doors can help homeowners feel an added sense of protection, and they come in an ample selection of colors and styles. Many have tamper-resistant hinges for added security.

Storm doors

Storm doors are exterior doors that are added outside entry doors. Typically they are used for security (because they have their own locking mechanisms) and comfort (because they allow homeowners to enjoy the feel of an open door without actually having to keep their door open). Storm doors come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and materials.

Replacement Doors Are Quite Customizable

Not only are there many types of doors to choose from, the individual parts of doors can be customized as well. For instance, popular door options include:

  • Glass panes (which can be frosted, designed or stained)
  • Grille patterns
  • Colors (interior & exterior)
  • Hardware (color & style)
  • Stains & finishes

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