5 Signs You Need to Replace a Window in Your Waukesha Home

Installing new, energy-efficient windows in your home saves the typical household up to $465 a year in energy costs. But how do you know if you need to replace a window in your Waukesha home?

Read on for the top five signs that it’s time to start thinking about replacing a window.

replacement window sitting on a wall

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Window

1. You Feel a Cold Draft

One of the signs that you should consider replacing a window is when you feel a draft of air even when the windows are closed.

Worn out seals, improper insulation, and warping can all result in the window letting in air. Even just one drafty window in your home can cause significant changes in how hard your furnace has to work to heat your house.

2. The Window Is Difficult to Open or Close

Over time, the mechanics of windows start to wear out. If your window is difficult to open or close, it is time to replace that window. Same goes for windows that won’t stay open or won’t stay closed.

When windows don’t function properly, it could be due to a problem with the balance. It can also mean that the window has begun to rust or rot.

Windows that don’t close or stay closed are a safety risk. Especially if they are easily accessible from outside, such as those on the main level.

3. Exterior Sounds Are Loud

Old windows often let in a lot of exterior sounds. Usually, it is because these windows are single-pane constructions. Sometimes a lot of noise from outside is due to improper sealing or cheap materials.

If the sounds of cars, dogs, and people outside are easily heard in your home, it’s time to replace that window.

New windows usually have double or even triple-pane glass. Also, gases such as krypton and argon provide an excellent sound barrier, so outdoor sounds stay outside.

4. Your Window Frames Are Damaged

If you want to know when it’s time for vinyl window glass replacement, take a look at the window frames.

Also, feel the frames with your hands. If the frame is soft, it is likely rotting or has considerable water damage. And, if your window frames are badly chipped, it’s just a matter of time before your windows start to sag.

Learn how to replace a window or hire a contractor for window replacement.

5. You See Condensation

The last clue that it’s time to replace a window is if you see condensation buildup on the inside of the window or in between the pane layers. When moisture gets inside the window or between the glass layers, condensation forms. This is a sign that the window seals are no longer working.

Condensation tells you that your window is not energy efficient. If moisture can get in, so can cold air. And heated air can also escape out this window.

Final Thoughts on When to Replace a Window

We hope these five signs help you identify when it’s time to replace a window in your home.

Also, keep in mind the age of the windows. The older they are, the less likely it is that they are energy efficient. If you want to lower your energy bill, you may also want to consider replacing the windows even if you don’t see these signs.

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5 Things to Know About Window Replacement in Milwaukee

How many windows are in your home? Do you know without going around and counting them? What condition are they in?

If your answer to the last question is anything but “Great!” you may need to replace them. And with the average cost being $500 for one window replacement, the thought may overwhelm you.

There is no reason to be scared. Keep reading for five things you need to know about window replacement before replacing yours.

Worker installing a window sill

1. Don’t Put it Off

If you have started thinking it might be time to replace your windows, then you absolutely need to. Many people make the mistake of putting the process off until the windows deteriorate even further. This ultimately can lead to higher costs and more complex window replacement.

Old and poorly insulated windows leak a lot of heat during the cold months. If you continue to put replacing a window off, you could end up having a drafty window during a cold Milwaukee winter.

2. Think About Window Replacement Material

When picking new windows, you will have options for the materials. Choosing correctly is important. Picking a material that works for your home will make sure the final appearance is cohesive.

The most common material used around windows is vinyl, but you can also choose wood. Research the pros and cons of each to make sure you make an informed decision

3. Look at Energy Efficient Options

Because Milwaukee experiences each of the four seasons, you should think about getting energy efficiency windows. This means replacements that will keep heat in during the winter but out during the summer months.

You can check most window ratings to see how they will perform. Installing these windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bill each month.

4. Research Your Installers

Once you have an idea of what you will be replacing old windows with, spend time checking out your options for installers. Unless you are doing the labor yourself, it is very important to read available reviews.

You definitely don’t want to invest in quality windows and have them poorly put in. Ask any potential installer how they hire their employees and if workers receive background checks.

5. Understand Your Warranty

This is sometimes an afterthought but it is very important: Be sure to have a clear explanation on the warranty for your windows. Any reputable manufacturer will offer some type of product warranty.

It is suggested to get at least a 20-year warranty on the window glass. This will let you get any stress crack replaced for free. Look for a manufacturer that also provides a shorter warranty covering accidents.

It’s Now Time to Replace Your Windows

We hope you now understand window replacement doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal. Whether you are replacing five or 25, finding the right people to replace your windows will ensure the process goes smoothly.

Do you have some additional questions? Maybe we can help—contact us today!

5 Benefits of Window Repair for Milwaukee Residents

Having powerful windows is a necessary feature for living in a safe home.

You want the interior and exterior of your windows to be strong to prevent any debris from getting in your home, but you also want the function to work well in case you want to let a cool breeze into your home. Windows also help your home stay more secure. Because of this, it’s important you’re always sure your windows are able to withstand any kind of force or damage.

Windows should also serve as an aesthetic feature as much as a practical one. So, whether you want to replace or repair your windows, here are five reasons why house window repair is right for you.

1. They’re Damaged

One of the most common reasons why anyone would replace and repair their windows is because their windows are damaged. Some common forms of damage include mold, someone or an external force breaking them, and other factors that cause windows to lose their structure and strength.

The best decision is to replace the windows. In this case, look for aluminum windows because of their strength and low-cost.

2. You Want to Conserve Energy

House window repair may be necessary if you’re wasting energy. For example, the structure of your windows isn’t strong enough, and you can’t close them while the A/C is on. Or, drafty windows let in cool air, so you find yourself turning up the heat.

If you’re looking for new windows that help conserve energy, try to find ones made of vinyl.

3. You Want to Increase Safety

Increased safety should be everyone’s concern, especially if you live in a bad area or one is close by.

Without proper care, the strength of your window degrades over time. The wood can easily rot, and any steel can rust, making it easier for criminals to break the window.

Vinyl and aluminum windows are best for protection. Installing windows with these materials can help increase the safety of your home.

4. You Want to Improve Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling your home or re-designing your home, new windows are an important aspect of its curb appeal. There are so many choices in regard to window style and materials. Make sure the windows closely correlate to the style of your doors and blend well with the color of your home.

Wood windows are always a beautiful choice, but require lots of maintenance. Fiberglass has an aesthetic look and long life.

5. Reducing Noise

Do you have loud neighbors? Hearing unwanted noises can be burdensome. This is why well-insulated windows are a must for so many people.

Investing in new windows will prove to be powerful, but will also provide more relaxation and privacy for you and your guests.

Are You Interested in House Window Repair?

Window repair is a smart investment for any homeowner, but it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for in new and improved windows. The appearance of your windows is important, but so is their strength and maintenance.

When you receive your updated windows, you won’t know what you did without them.

If you’re in Milwaukee, we offer several services to repair and replace windows at an affordable cost. Check us out today!

Service Overview: Exterior Door Installation in Waukesha

JBS Construction is Waukesha’s top choice for door installation and replacement. Our stunning and functional exterior door installations will give your home a beautiful touch of durability that will serve you into your sunset years and increase the value of your house.

To help you better understand how exterior doors fit in and on your home, our experts put together the following facts about exterior door installation for you.

exterior door

Did You Know:

  • Replacing an old worn out door with an elegant, sturdy, and inviting front door raises the resale value of your home. The front door is the introduction to your home, and a beautiful exterior door will capture the minds and hearts of potential buyers immediately.
  • Fiberglass and wood doors are a better fit for mid-range to high-end installations because they give your home a superior look and feel.
  • Steel doors are an inexpensive, quick fix. However, unlike wood and fiberglass installations, steel doors yield to the elements in the long run and reflect poorly on your home.

How to Go About Ordering an Exterior Door

Our well-versed professionals understand the nitty-gritty of door installation, so the homeowner does not need any technical expertise on the subject. However, arming yourself with these tips will help you get the most out of a new door installation or replacement. Remember:

  • It is best practice to measure exterior doors from the outside.
  • It is important to think about which way you want your door to swing. This will guide our installers to identify the side on which to fix the hinges.
  • Doors come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We offer our clients an assortment of exterior doors to choose from, ranging from sliding glass doors to French entry doors.
  • The large size of doors makes them subject to damage during shipping. That is why we recommend that our clients spend a little more on a quality product that is not prone to installation mishaps such as warping that may occur during transportation.

Exterior Door Installation Styles and Designs

The two most popular materials used in exterior door installation in Waukesha and the greater Milwaukee area are fiberglass and wood. These two elements are more popular than steel for their superior aesthetic appeal and durability.

Wood and fiberglass can be used individually or in combination with each other—or even with other materials like stones or bricks—to realize the homeowner’s artistry. The DIY Network listed the most popular exterior door designs on the market as traditional, craftsman, modern, rustic, and arched.

The final hurdle to get over in styles and designs is the door hardware, such as handles, knobs, locks, and knockers. These accessories add to the overall ornamental tone of the installation and home. When finalizing accessories, remember that locks are an essential security feature whereas door handles and knockers are a tasteful enhancement to your home’s entrance. It is advisable to match the hinges to the other hardware since they are visible when the door opens.

Would You Like to Know More?

Interested in our Waukesha exterior door installation services? For a FREE ESTIMATE, just give us a call at 262-677-2500 or click here to submit your request online. We’re eager to show you what we can do!