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Brookfield WI Siding installation company JBS Home Exteriors, works hard to give our customers high-quality work at fair prices.

For many Brookfield homeowners, deciding to get replacement siding can be a cost-effective way to keep their home exteriors appealing and updated without investing in annual maintenance. Today’s siding products can last for tens of years (and often come with lifetime warranties), and they have minor annual upkeep and maintenance requirements.

Depending on the type of siding and insulation that a homeowner chooses, siding can even offer insulation benefits. And that’s not all. Other reasons to get new siding in Brookfield include:

  • Replacement siding is often easy to maintain, with little annual maintenance.
  • Replacement siding can offer an affordable exterior makeover.
  • Replacement siding can offer extra protection from environmental damage.

Whatever your goals — a way to get away from time-consuming yearly caulking and painting, a whole home exterior makeover, or a quick exterior update — getting new siding can help.

Our Brookfield Siding Repair Services

If you have just one or two damaged panels, we can use targeted repair techniques to fix just those panels, saving you the time and expense of having all of your siding replaced. Although targeted siding repair like this depends on the extent and type of siding damage that you have, it’s an affordable option when damage is minor or localized to just a few areas.

We typically see Brookfield siding repair requests for:

  • Wood damage (for rotting moulding & trim)
  • Substrate damage (for water damage)
  • Panel damage (for damage from fire, warping or high winds)

Our Brookfield Siding Replacement Services

We know that when it comes to their homes, Brookfield property owners want options and choices. Their homes are carefully crafted showrooms, and they want the outside of their houses to reflect the refined tastes and styles that are showcased indoors. That’s why the siding offerings that we carry are available in a wide variety of colors and styles — so that our customers can find just the right siding to meet their tastes, needs and budgets.

Our Brookfield siding services include the following styles and accessories:

  • Fiber cement siding and trim
  • Vinyl siding and time
  • Engineered wood siding

Free Estimates for Brookfield Siding

We offer FREE ESTIMATES for all of our Brookfield siding and siding repair services. So, for the finest siding Brookfield has to offer, call us today at 262-677-2500 or fill out our contact form to submit your request online.